Thursday, July 16, 2009

ITS Tactical

ITS Tactical is one of the latest blogs I've been following. There is so much cool stuff about these guys (and girls?) that I like.

Straight from their "About" page:

ITS Tactical, Inc. is dedicated to showcasing the everyday gear and DIY projects that can help you live better on the tactical side of life. We don’t limit our content to any particular viewpoint, rather our goal is to become an open-source collection of different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life.

Does that not get you hooked?! Combine the words "Tactical" and "Everyday" and you got a recipe for awesomeness. Also, who doesn't enjoy a good DIY project?

They post regularly with useful information which is key to at least my attention. They seem to talk a little about everything which is good. I've been going back into their older posts to read what I've missed since their beginning.

Also, they are someone you should follow on Twitter. They update that regularly as well with both links to new posts or contests or just replies to comments. Go ahead, tweet them! And say @mikepetrucci sent you.

They are on so many social networks and one thing I love way more than I probably should, is their use of graphics on both their site, their logo, and their uber creative social networking icon set. Check this out:

Really, this is sick! I wish I had that idea! It's graphically just so cool it's making my eyes bleed! But that sounds bad... ok, my eyes are bleeding but not blood, they are bleeding the sweet nectar (which is like Red Bull but for God) of the heavens. Sorry, you may not agree but really, take some time to appreciate those icons.

Overall, they are a no nonsense but lighthearted group that just seeks to better your knowledge of preparation for anything. Worth following? Totally.

ITS Tactical

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Into the Abyss

I recently got the OTB Abyss. If I were to tell you what they were up front, you probably would think I lost my mind.

This should sum it up:

The OTB Abyss Boot is ideal for use in any rocky or muddy situation, the sole unit also works well in dry conditions. With its superior fit and drainage features, this boot works well in any environment.

These boots were "designed & engineered at the request of the U.S. Navy SEALs."

And no, I didn't pay full price for them. I got them for a killer deal and these things seem totally worth it.

I got them to replace my aging Merrell Chameleons. Well not really replace but just to add to them. I'm not sure how the Abyss would handle cold and my Merrell's have that area covered.


So I had them for just a few weeks now but around one week after I have been using them I decided to give a review of what I noticed. I'll be posting an updated one and with video but this should be good for now.

1 Week Review

- Water from puddles get in. But isn't that the point? So maybe on really rainy days I wear goretex merrells (which don't breathe like these at all). ALTHOUGH, on rainy days I've noticed that they repel water like a mother and it's only when I get into real puddles do I notice some wetness.
- When water does "infiltrate" the boot, it tends to leave fairly quick and when I thought my sock would be soaked I was surprised to find it was nearly dry.
- Very comfortable even compared to sneakers.
- Stylish with jeans and other pants.
- Jogging in them is not out of the question, great flex and movement.
- Sometimes they squeak on stone floors at work.
-Feel bulky only when sitting down and crossing legs but only because it's a boot.
- Very lightweight feeling but still feel as if I can kick a few doors down.

Side Note Observations:
- When worn with dress pants I feel like a PMC (private military contractor), not really the look I was going for.
- When the metro rail goes by (Washington, DC), I feel the air rush through the boots and around my feet. That goes to show the breathability.
- I have worn these everyday and have not noticed any discomfort.

- They may not work with everyday outfits.
- Water gets in if you step in big puddles.

- This review was based on my own findings and observations and is not affiliated with OTB.
- I have not done a full submerge to see how well they drain but since I'm so close to the Potomac maybe I'll try it there.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man vs Wild - Bear Meets Camel

Shelter in the desert? Bear has a solution.

Gerber LMF II

I got the Gerber LMF II knife for my birthday from my wife and I had a great time testing it out. I built my shelter with it.

Videos from On Point Tactical

You really need to check out On Point Tactical. This is the site that gave me the final push into starting this new blog. People never think they'll need survival skills, but you just never know what kind of situation you'll be faced with someday and failing to plan is planning for failure.

Below is a bunch of videos that I got from On Point Tactical's video page. Be sure to check out their site for tons of useful information and even sign up for a survival class.

Winter Scout Camouflage

Individual Movement

Camouflage Course

Sniper Pit

Breaking Zip Ties

Bow Trap

Hiding and Evading